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Microporous precision filter

Micropore PE pipe precision filter uses PE filter pipe as filter element. It is widely used in chemical, petrochemical, medical, food, chemical fiber, oil and grease, printing and dyeing, metallurgy and environmental protection fields for high-precision filter production.

Performance and features:
1.This is a kind of micropore fitting with fine rigidity. It has features of simple for operation, tight mechanical structure;
2.Excellent chemical resistant property: acid resistance, base resistance, aldehyde resistance, water resistance, organic solvent resistance;
3.Convenient for processing and utilization

Scope of application:
It is used for heterogeneous separation(liquid-solid, gas-solid, gas-liquid, liquid-liquid).
In gas-solid separation filtration: for separation filtration of liquid glucose and activated carbon in glucose manufacturing, crystal filter in manufacturing of tetracycline; filter of barium sulfate in photographic film manufacturing, filter of chromic hydroxide or barium chromate in treatment of chrome wastewater, filter of zinc hydroxide in treatment of zinc wastewater, filter of lead powder in lead-containing wastewater and etc;
For clarifying filtration of liquid: used in medical industry for filter of injection liquids and bottle-washing water of injection, water purification in hydrogen peroxide manufacturing, filter of electroplate liquid in electroplating industry, fermentation filtrate of antibiotics manufacturing,;
For separation of dust from gas, filtration of water drop and oil drop: in melamine manufacturing for separation of dust, filtration of water drop and oil drop; purification and filtration of compressed air in industrial injection production in medical industry;
For liquid-liquid filtration: for filtration of oil drops in wastewater;