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Polypropylene scrubbing tower

All tower equipments taking PP as main material are padding spray tower. Padding materials is PP material Pall ring or hollow sphere. It has excellent absorption and purification effect.
Structural features:
PP absorption tower has 2 kinds of structure: vertical and horizontal type.
High purification efficiency, excellent corrosion resistance, light weight, convenient for installation and maintenance, high specific strength, beautiful appearance, small space cover and large treatment capacity of exhaust gas
Scope of application:
For absorption, washing and purification treatment of exhaust gas in chemical, petrochemical, medical, food, oil and grease, dyeing and printing, metallurgy, environmental protection and compound fertilizer industries
Technical speciality:
1.  pressure loss: <390-780Pa
2. applicable temperature: PP material -10℃-120℃
3. specification and treatment capacity of vertical tower: Φ300-Φ3000mm, 1200m3/h-30000m3/h
4. Specification of horizontal tower is designed on customer requirement